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Be the first to have the latest items and products in vogue before everybody else.

Round – The – Clock Market Monitoring

Our marketing team is continuously monitoring the latest trends in emerging products

Customized Items

We tailor our supply to accommodate any customized item you might want to order. Just get in touch, and we will get it for you.

Sourcing Network

With our office in China and our network of connection in factories all over,   we can assure you we will find that item you’ve been looking for and customize it for your customer.


At PMG Group, we are very reliable in our dealing which is why you have peace of mind when dealing with us.


With our experience that has spanned over the course of more than ten (10) years, we have become a force to reckon with when it comes to the B2B industry in our area.

Our Skills

Costumer’s satisfaction 99%
Dropship on time 99%
Sourcing Experience 100%

Why Choose US?

  • High quality Items

  • Reliable service

  • Wide variety, hundreds of items to choose from

  • Very competitive prices

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Years in business

Conveniently located in the Los Angeles Area

PGM GROUP is a B2B company that specializes in the provision of multiple solutions to the wholesale industry, hence turning us to a valuable partner for many of our customers over the years. We are importers and wholesalers of general merchandise in different categories (from household items to outdoor products).

We Are In Sunny Southern California

9401 Norwalk Blvd, Santa Fe Springs CA 90760
Phone: 626.361.5377
Fax: 626.606.3958

Personal Attention

Our close relationship with our sourcing factories and even clients is what set us apart from other competitors in the industry. Respect and a listening ear are two powerful tools that have been useful for us in our relationship with our factories partners and our clients.

We will delight our consumers, treating each person who contacts us as if they are our only consumer, providing them with a response which is evidence of our interest and that leaves them with the clear understanding that they are important to us.

At PGM Group we believe every moment counts as this idea is reflected in our products and services.

We promise to provide the best product at the lowest price possible, thereby maximizing your profit on your products.

Thank you for visiting our company’s page, we’ll be delighted to help you maximize your profits with our products and services.  Doing business with us will give you the tranquility others cannot give bearing it in mind that our experienced team will handle your orders efficiently and professionally so you can focus on your customers with the confidence that everything will be alright.