Around here, it’s more

than a job

Do you want to join a company that offers opportunities for you to reach your career potential?

At PGM GROUP, we invest in and develop our distributors so they can achieve their professional goals. We encourage our people to dive in, roll up their sleeves and take on the many opportunities bound to come their way.

What our team members have to say

“I’m amazed by the amount of business knowledge that I’ve developed over the years and how it has been essential to my ability to grow and develop at PGM GROUP. Effective problem-solving and critical-thinking skills have enabled me to gain greater exposure to strategic initiatives and work with the company’s senior leaders.”


Have fun. Make money.

Our unique marketing system is so effective that you will enjoy seeing the results on a daily basis.

Learn New Skills

People with student mentality will always find more opportunities

Our Program

Will help you get the necessary knowledge to start your financial foundation.

Make Money

See the results of your hard work

Reward Your Effort

Enjoy the feeling of having money in your pocket every day

Team Support

We carefully train our members

We Are On Your Side

Our experienced trainers will guide you through the learning process

We expect a lot from our distributors, and we rely on them to protect and grow our business. Our members trust us to properly recognize their diverse talents. We are committed to honoring that trust. Our philosophy on diversity is a practical one. It simply makes good business sense to leverage the diverse skills and talents of our salesforce regardless of gender, age, race, origin, ethnicity, cultural background, sexual orientation and religious beliefs.

Would you like to join us?

We are looking for people with a distinctive personality. If you feel you are up to the challenge, contact us to schedule an appointment